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>> Monday, October 02, 2006

Well, to make a long story short, this weekend my three kids were baptised. In the Roman Catholic Church, as in many others, this should have been done shortly after birth. Given my propensity to procrastinate, my geographical distance from family, and quite honestly, my own debates about religion, I wasn't sure when it would happen. But, the fact that Jonah is supposed to make his First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion this year (the former next month!!), I ran out of excuses.

The day was absolutely lovely. My sister, with the same list of excuses, brought her two children, Matthew (12) and Ayla (7) to be baptised as well. My mother would have been so happy -- or perhaps she is. Now, all of her grandchildren have been baptised and have had original sin cleansed away. Archie, in fact, thinks his "meanness" was washed away, LOL, and Jonah had to ask Monsignor Gracz if "his sin went away all at once or if he had to wait a little while for it to happen?" LOL!!

Maren was just delighted by her gorgeous white slip dress -- that matched Ayla's -- and freaked a bit when it was time to have the water poured over her head. As Monsignor said "in the name of the Father, "in the name of the Son, "and in the name of the Holy Spirit" as he poured water on her head" Maren said, "no," stop," and "all done" in unison with him. It was quite funny!

I'll post pics soon, I hope~ but now I must start packing for our Disney vacation. A whole week with my sister and her kids!!! I'm ecstatic, and having cousins around made my kids so happy. Archie even astutely noted that Maren needs a big sister...she adores Ayla. Ah, but that's something I can't do anything about right now :-).

Happy Fall! Carol


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