It finally happened

>> Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Archie (nearly 4), stormed down the stairs about 30 minutes after I put him to bed, "Mom, I wish Maren didn't have Down syndrome." My heart could my baby boy say this about his sister -- Down syndrome is a part of her I'd never want to take away. "Why Archie?" With a disgusted huff and folded arms, he responded, "Because she won't stay out of my room so I can go to sleep." Bahhhhhh! Apparently, for Archie, Down syndrome means "annoying sister activities." Well, I laughed, and explained to Archie that all sisters and brothers annoy one another, and this has nothing to do with T21. Oh, said Archie, "so if I take away Down syndrome Maren would still come in my room?" Yes, Archie, she will still come in your room. And with that, he returned to bed, and moments later I hear the pitter patter of little feet as Maren snuck back to Archie's room to snuggle her brother. Sorry Archie, your stuck with a sister who loves to be with you. Must stink, eh? To be too loved....what a problem he has!


Maren's First Prom Picture!!

>> Saturday, September 16, 2006

I never went to my prom. I was the girl that just didn't get asked. I had lots of boy "friends" but never a "boyfriend" in high school. So, the possibilty of my daughter not going to prom never seemed like a T21 thing. But, Maren just has the fabulously magical personality -- hence my blog name. And, boys and girls alike seem to gravitate to Maren. At soccer, even, I've had moms and dads come up to me to tell me how much they adore watching her, and some even have told me that they remember her from the dance recitals!! And, really, it's not a T21 pity thing, it's a "that kid just radiates" thing -- but to understand, I guess you'd havae to be there, LOL.

Anyway, RISE is doing a Save the Date Card for a New Year's Fundraising Ball. And, here's the pic from the card -- Maren's first of many prom pictures, I'm sure :-).


Sick of soccer yet, LOL?

>> Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, two weeks in and I'm holding up. I'm having to work on my identity issues a bit...but hey, the kids are having an awesome time and I adore the coaches. Coach Mike is a colleaugue's husband and is simply phenomenal with kids. Each time Maren is supposed to go to a different coach for drills, she somehow winds right back up with Mike...she adores him.

So,here are some shots of the kids, and in particular check out Maren's's a hoot!


Labor Day

>> Monday, September 04, 2006

So, it's labor day and what am I doing? Laboring! Yes, that's right. While Jon is out having fun with the kids, I'm in my office working. Taking a quick break, I thought I'd share a pic from this time last year that always brings a smile to my heart!

Roll Tide Roll!!


Yes, It's true. I'm officially a Soccer Mom.

>> Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, we made it through week 1 of soccer practice. And, quite sheepishly I admit that I rather enjoyed it :-). Jonah is in the 8 and under group, Maren and Archie are in the 6 and under group. The practice times are actually quite fun for the kids. There is no goalie, no scorekeeper, no real competition. The parks and recreation department has set up this soccer league for kids to learn the rules, and to enjoy playing soccer. My kids are having an awesome time, and hence...I am loving it too. I don't have to listen to competitive parents screaming at their children to be more aggressive. I don't have to watch coaches berate children because they kicked the ball too far away from their bodies.

Instead, the young kids play "kick the coach" and try to chase the coach with their balls. They play "chicken nuggets" as they try to learn to change feet on the ball. They play "soccersauraus" as they try to keep the ball away from the coach so he or she doesn't "eat" their ball and walk around with it under his or her shirt. The kids squeal with delight and are learning to play a sport under optimal conditions. Who could ask for more?!

So, then, you ask, how is Maren doing? Well, on Tuesday I'll take some pictures because a picture truly is worth 1,000 words. She's decked in her pink Diadora soccer shoes, pink shin guards, pink shirt, and pink glasses. She's the soccer diva!!! She is loving playing out there and though she certainly isn't the best player -- she isn't the worst - BY FAR, LOL.

And, again, as I watch her play next to Archie who is just so athletic and natural, my heart swells with pride and love admiring them both -- just trying their best to be their best. What mom could ask for more? And, as an added bonus...I get an hour where they aren't bickering...peace!


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