So long, So many changes -- a move, a new school, a flood

>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In a 4 month nutshell, Jon got a job in the Altanta area on July 1 and on July 15th, we were moving in to a new home in Cobb County, Ga. And, lucky me -- I commute 3.25 hours each way to work -- but only 2 days a week. And, truthfully, I don't mind it. In the big scheme of things, I'm in the car less than many daily Atlanta area commuters :-). Our master bedroom got some minor flooding in this Atlanta flood -- yeah for renting!

The kids are in a new school and loving it. There are 850 kids, which freaked me out, but it has a great feel, and of course, within the week, as soon as we pulled up, kids and teachers alike were saying "Hi Maren," "What's up Maren," "Hey Maren, want to come play." In fact, Archie and Jonah think it is hysterical that everyone knows Maren, and only their classmates know them! Luckily, they take it in stride and see having Maren as a sister an honor, not a detractor! They like the perks they get from her popularity.

Maren started ballet and tap at a studio close to our house, and she loves her new tap shoes. UGH. I do not...but she's a pretty good Happy Feet kid! Jazz is on hold for now -- we can only do so much :-).

Worst thing about the move...well, now it is not "Can we go to Outback?" me: "no." "How about Chili's?" me: "no."

Now it is, "Can we eat at Bucca Da Beppo?" me: "not tonight."
"Can we got to Dave and Busters?" me: "Of course not, and don't ask about ESPN Zone either Maren."
"How about Blue Moon Pizza?" me: "um, no. we are eating at home."
"I like Tijuana Joe's." me :::::: silence and an eye roll.
"How 'bout Willy's?" me: "Maren, I said no!"
"Okay, I'll go to Fuddruckers." me: "For the last time. I said no. We are eating at home." "Fine...... I'll just go to Chili's." Sigh....

And, then, as she eats the dinner I have prepared -- "Tomorrow I go to the zoo." And, yes, like Finnegans Wake, we begin again!


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