Sick of soccer yet, LOL?

>> Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, two weeks in and I'm holding up. I'm having to work on my identity issues a bit...but hey, the kids are having an awesome time and I adore the coaches. Coach Mike is a colleaugue's husband and is simply phenomenal with kids. Each time Maren is supposed to go to a different coach for drills, she somehow winds right back up with Mike...she adores him.

So,here are some shots of the kids, and in particular check out Maren's's a hoot!


Anonymous 11:28 AM  

Oh my, oh my....pretty in pink!!! I had to laugh about the pink cletes, pink shinguards, pink, pink, pink!!! I love it!

I've missed you so much. Miss Magic and Miss Emma Sage need to meet real soon, as I know that they would be the best of they both love pink!

Michelle 8:50 PM  

You sure must be busy with all of them in soccer! I agree w/TM - she is so cute decked out in all that pink gear for soccer - love the kicking the ball photo too! Glad to see you blogging again!

mum2brady 11:21 AM  

Maren is sooo cute in her pink stuff! And - she's got skills Carol - that's great kicking technique (on a side note - I'd like to be able to kick that high - think she'll give me lessons - and a bit of her flexibility ;) Hope you have a great time with soccer, it's soooo fun!

Kris 5:28 PM  

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

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