I don't like your stupid club!

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So yesterday I realized how wonderfully prepared my daughter is for taking on the social world. She jumped in the car and said "Brooke is a mean girl." Yes, Maren is in first grade and Brooke has been a good friend since preschool. But, as children grow, friends change on a dime.

I inquired, "How is Brooke mean?"

Maren responded, "She won't let me be in her club."

As a mom, my heart felt heavy. I hate it when children exclude one another. It breaks my heart for any child, Jonah, Archie, or the little girl sitting alone on the swings. To be honest, though, when Maren said it, I hurt a bit more -- terrified that it signaled things to come.

Before I could respond, Maren said, "I told her she's a mean girl and I don't want to be in her stupid club."

Immediately, my fears dissolved. Miss Magic can take care of herself! In fact, when I was in first grade, heck even now, I don't deal with exclusion as well as she did.

But, here is the kicker... Today Maren brought home a card from Brooke, complete with flowers and trees, rainbows, and pictures of Sponge Bob -- and Maren and Brooke holding hands.

The card said, "To my best friend. Maren is my best friend. Love Brooke."

I don't know if Maren's words struck a chord with Brooke, or if it was just a natural cycle in little girls' friendships, but I do know that Maren is blessed by wonderful friends and great social intuition!


Chris 5:52 AM  

What is it about first grade girls and "clubs"?

I can remember my oldest not being included in one of her friend's clubs. Her solution was to start a club of her own. Over time, these little girls all ended up having one big club.

Good for Maren for able to navigate the incredibly complex world of first grade females! :)

Active Gray Matter 11:49 AM  

Heheh... I am going to remember that the next time some dumb girl excludes me from something. =) Yay, Maren!

Tara Marie 10:09 AM  

Yes, Little Miss Magic can and will take care of herself, even in the face of 'childhood' un-nicities......and I do believe Brooke listened to Maren's words and realized that her words and exlusion hurt and tried to correct her action. How cool is that!!!

We had a very similar conversation on Friday night, as Emma Sage realized that on Saturday at the Buddy Walk, she would face Hannah and her keeping Abbie to herself.....

Abbie is 13 and Hannah 12, but Abbie and Emma Sage are the best of friends by design of my watching Abbbie before and after school....so when there is a group gathering, Hannah takes Abbie away from Emma Sage. She told me "Hannah is jealous that Abbie is my friend too!" lol!!!

I so want our little girls to get the opportunity to meet IRL.....I'd love to watch and see them develop a friendship together [who knows though, they might stick together like glue, or they might be like oil and water....either way, I know they will figure it out on their own]

So.....why do you have to live so far away??????

Kris 4:17 AM  

I love your girl! She is right on about that 1st grade stuff - being in and out changes about every hour! Good for her to discuss and make decisions! Maren, you rock!

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