We are such loveable losers, eh?

>> Friday, January 09, 2009

See, even in humiliating defeat (Alabama Sugar Bowl infamy) my kids managed to brighten my day!

And, then Camellia Grill brightened our weekend with a fun and friendly breakfast!

And of course, there is always Cafe DuMonde, Margaritaville, and the Quarter...such a vibrant town.


Tara Marie 6:27 PM  

Love it.....look how big they are getting!!!!

Love you guys!

Sharon 5:40 AM  

Hi! I first came across your blog eight months ago after my son was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. Reading about Maren and your family made me see my son's future in a really positive light, at a time when I wasn't feeling very positive at all. I had never known anyone with Down syndrome - so it all seemed very scary to me. But, seeing your daughter, how full of life she seemed, how much fun she and her brothers seem to have....it all made me picture what life with my son would be. So, thank you! You have a beautiful family, indeed.

All 4 My Gals 3:10 PM  

So cute! I love your kiddos. Your blog looks good too. HUGS

Dava 7:02 PM  

What a beautiful family! I've been following your blog for a few months. I have a daughter with DS that is 6.

mum2brady 10:35 AM  

So sorry about that Sugarbowl ummmm loss..... What can I say.... I'm not UTE fan - but - GOOO UTES!!! People should know - never underestimate the underdog ;)

Looks like you had a seriously great vacay!!! Love the pics of the kids!

Too funny about Archie and his Roxbury infatuation ;) Kent LOVES that movie - I even got it for him for Christmas and we thought maybe the older girls could watch it - ummm - we previewed it again and thought a little better of it - they're kinda sheltered ;) The F-bomb always makes us all cringe LOLOL Kent and I laughed hard though :)

I'm hoping your hubby gets that job in Sac town - cause it sure would be sweet having you closer!!!

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