Will the real princess please stand up?

>> Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ah, Maren met her favorite princess. But, before she could get to Snow White, we had to see Belle and Cinderella. Though they both finally got a smile from her, she quite bluntly told each of them, "Not you. I love Snow White." When Belle asked her, "Don't you like my movie?" Maren said, "No, I like Snow White and the Dwarfs." Well, there you have it -- a girl not afraid to stand up for herself -- or perhaps a princess in preparation for Mean Girls II, LOL.


Kei 12:29 PM  

Oh, Miss Magic, you crack me up. You are so much like your momma... speaking your mind. Carol, we MUST meet IRL someday!!! (((HUGS)))

Amy 6:24 AM  

What a great photo! I too have a princess-in-training at home. They are quite discriminating in their love of a particular princess.


Tara Marie 12:20 PM  

I can't wait till we get to meet a princess.....and Emma Sage agrees with Maren, she too loves 'Snow White'....I love this photograph and I love a little girl who can speak her own mind [and not be intimidated by a big princess or two!!!!!]

Miss you!

mum2brady 10:05 PM  

Awwwww - so cute!!! Maren is definitely a princess - love it!!!

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