Gatlintucky -- just not my thing!

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So, for Spring Break, we decided to do a cheap and quick getaway. Being relatively new to the South, Gatlinburg seemed like a great idea.

Great if you like feeling like you are living in a Cracker Barrel populated by NASCAR fans. I know that many people LOVE the area, but the Yank in me was simply not impressed: airbrush t-shirts and license plates on every corner, stores stocked with nothing but wood carved bears and rocking chairs -- oh, and the Ripley branding. Yikes.

There were two good things: 1) The Aquarium. The kids had an amazing time!

2) Being away -- anywhere but home :-)

Sometimes, just a short escape makes the rest of life much more palatable. I loved spending time with Jon and the kids and knowing that our family made time just to be together! We stayed at a timeshare that had an indoor waterpark, and the kids had an amazing, amazing time. Maren was scared for about the first 1/1000 of a second, and off she went. Then, of course, she whined in unison with the boys when it was time to leave.

And, now we are home and the kids are back to school and work has lured me back. But, alas, I have a much better attitude and an very "interesting" experience under my belt. Now, I know Gatlinburg is a place that just isn't "me" and I won't crave Cracker Barrel for many, many years to come ;-)


mum2brady 9:51 PM  

hee hee - too dang funny :) Love the pic of the kids - they are just too cute! You need to come back to Utah again - surely that was a much better getaway ;)


Tara Marie 8:21 PM  

LOL.....being a Yank and not into NSCAR, I think I will check that off my list 'to see'.

I love the shark jaw cool is that!

Nicole 7:03 PM  

Hey are ya pokin' fun of us?

:) Thanks for popping in to my bra saga today.

Mauzy 11:17 AM  

ha, too funny from a gal living in ALABAMA! Hee hee

Thora 11:30 PM  

I love your quote on your blog page.
So true.Life is full of magical moments.We need to look and listen

Thora 8:17 PM  

I have tagged you if you want to play.It is fun and you meet more blogging friends.

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