It's time for Chick-Fil-A mommy?

>> Friday, February 06, 2009

Maren just walked in my room and said, "Mommy, it's time for Chick-fil-A?"

"Why Maren," I asked.

"You said we'd have Chick-fil-A for my movies," she responded.

My head whirled for a moment. Ahhh... this morning she asked if we could watch Enchanted and Barbie together tonight. And, I told my fabulous seven-year old I'd love to have night of popcorn and "Chick Flicks."

Now, I feel compelled to go grab some nugget meals with waffle fries. Nothing like a night of Chick Flicks in my world -- which of course now must include the Southern fast food giant!

Chick-flicks-A! Girl Power!


Little Miss E 9:55 AM  

Oh, I miss their sweet tea!! And chicken. And sweet tea!! Enjoy it! Hey, sometimes a misunderstanding can be a VERY good thing!

luvmypeanut 8:15 AM  

She is sooo sweet! and Maren I totally miss having my Chik Fil A sammiches and waffle fries!!!

Little Miss E 11:15 AM  

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Shannon @ Gabi's World 10:05 AM  

Funny! I love me some Chick Flicks and Chick fil A!

All 4 My Gals 6:55 PM  

too cute!

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