Maren's Field Trip

>> Sunday, March 08, 2009

This week Maren went with the entire first grade class to Barnes and Noble, and then to the Children's Hands-On Museum. I've made it a point not to chaperon her class field trips thus far because I've wanted her to interact with her peers outside of class, and I know her well enough to know that I were there, she'd probably hang out with me and introduce me to all of her friends and drag me along with them. (***And, I know the teachers and the other moms very, very well and know for a fact they would never, ever let my daughter out of their sight!***)

Last year, they went to Shark Tooth Creek, and she was fine! This year, again nothing to report. YEAH! She had a great time; the mom in charge of her group gave her a huge hug and said "I had a great day Maren," and that's it. I love these moments more than anything. Maren will always have an extra chromosome; it is never, ever going away. But hey, what a great and typical life she can have ~~ field trips, dance lessons, soccer practice, concerts and plays, and someday (not too soon I hope), dates!~~


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