Who needs a Blackberry when you have a Maren?

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

So, things have been outrageously busy around here. It's always one thing or another...a phone interview, an interview, a job offer, a job rejection -- and the cycle continues in our house. So, we've done a lot of rescheduling.

Monday night I realized that we blew off speech therapy. I rescheduled it to begin on the Monday after Spring Break and forgot to type it into my Blackberry, so it never synced to google calendar where Jon and I try to maintain controlled chaos.

So, I turn to Jon in horror and say, "UGH, we missed speech and didn't even call Betsy." He looked at me and said, "Oh, Maren mentioned it on the way home and I thought she had her days wrong." Looks like she's more reliable than the Blackberry. And, of course on Tuesday when she told Jon she had Ballet (moved from Thursday), he listened :-).

Note to Self: Maren has great day of the week skills! Check that off of any future IEP.


Kris 10:20 AM  

That girl makes me smile! How on top of her schedule she is! I love it. Sounds like life is a bit of a roller coaster these days, so hang on for the ride!

Give that girl a hug from us!

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