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>> Friday, March 13, 2009

I've been meaning to post about this for awhile, then forget. So, here it goes.

For a long time, I've been worried about Maren and her trusting nature. She's never met a stranger, but if you've ever met me, you'd realize that it may be in a chromosome other than her extra 21st. When I was 5 or 6, my parents spent several frantic minutes searching for me at a state park. Each time they'd ask someone if they had seen a little redheaded girl, they'd inform my parents that I told them I was hungry and they gave me food and I headed on my way.

Finally, they found me in an RV with a nice family who was again feeding me and trying to figure out how to find my family...How I made it through childhood, I'll never know.

Anyway, Maren has that sense of familiarity with the world, and obviously, I'm terrified that in this day and age, she could become a victim of some unscrupulous and horrible person. So, we work a lot on strangers. To no avail. We talk about strangers. We talk about stranger danger. I warn her.

So, we were at Publix and my Little Miss Magic begins a conversation with a cute college-aged boy in the front of the line. They start chatting and before you know it, he adds M&Ms to his order. As he's leaving, he hands them to her, and she beams and gives him a HUGE THANK YOU! Ugh. At least she knows her manners....

After he leaves, I take them away and tell her we cannot take candy from strangers. With a look of disdain and contempt, she stares me down, "He's not a stranger; He's a HUMAN!" And, she stomps her foot.

Alas, he's a human. Too bad we can't all see such sameness in the world.

Too bad I can't rely on the fact that all humans are kind. The world would be so beautiful if the humans could act the way my daughter believes they will :-).


Kris 10:45 AM  

Right on Maren and Right on mom! If only the world could be so lovely as Maren knows it could be.

Sonia 4:44 PM  

Hi There! This is my first time commenting, but I wanted to tell you that I got a good laugh at "He's a Human" part!

All my kids would say the same thing I think! Like you, I've always been a very trusting person and will follow the bread crumbs! Lillian is only 1 years old, but it worries me now what it might be like when she's older.

Currently, I'm doing "stranger danger" with my 3 year old, and he just doesn't get it. He thinks if anyone is willing to give him candy then they're being nice. Arggg...still trying to work that one out!

BTW...Little Miss Magic is so adorable!

datri 11:51 AM  

Oh, that boundaries thing is SO hard! Kayla likes to hug random men the most. EEEEK!! I guess it's cute now at 5, but it sure isn't going to be cute at 10!

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