A budding friendship...and Hannah MOM-tana

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the last few months, yes months, Maren has been begging me to invite her friend Teresa over to play. And, to be honest, we've been so busy (and her room so messy!), that I've put it off.

Last night, Maren brought me the phone and told me to call Teresa's mom... NOW!... and I did. And, I had the best adult conversation I've had in months. What a great bonus!

Teresa's mom was thrilled I called, said that Teresa has been talking a lot about Maren lately, too. Funny, they were in Kindy together too, but it is only recently they've become closer. These are the times I wish I could get inside my kid's head -- why these friends? Why now? Do they share interests? Are they sitting by each other at school? Did Teresa just have a cool toy, or did she like one of Maren's share day items and it sparked a new friendship? And, what do they talk about when they hang out at school? Inquiring moms want to know.

But, of course, knowledge and nosiness has a price. This one...I'm taking the girls to see the new Hannah Montana movie on Saturday. Steep price, but I just have to know!

And, I may not get all the answers on Saturday, but I know this, I'll get time with my baby girl and Junior Mints -- you could say, I'll get the Best of Both Worlds. Cheap Shot, I know, but I just had to take it ;-).


Kris 7:52 PM  

Let me know how much fun you have! That sounds like a great idea! My girlie and another girl in her class also want a play date, so her mom and I chatted about setting something up too. I may steal your idea! :-)

Mommy to those Special Ks 8:04 PM  

LOL enjoy! My kids can't WAIT to see this!

Lisa 7:12 AM  

First of all, this is too funny. (BTW, I heard from a few other parents that the movie was actually pretty cute.)

My son Brian (10) recently asked--out of the blue--"Do you think Bridget will have friends when she gets older?" I said, "Of course! Why do you ask?" His response: "Well, because she has Down syndrome. I just hope people are nice to her." It hurt my heart a little. The kids don't know what the future will be like for their youngest sister. I had him sit down and look at Maren's blog and showed him that she has sleepovers, takes dance lessons, has lots of friends. He was beaming. Thank you...

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