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>> Monday, April 27, 2009

This year has been extraordinarily stressful. Jon and I have to find jobs (both professors) in the same city. Timing has not been our friend... So, alas, next year holds yet another year of job searching, and uncertainty, and anxiety, and well, you get the idea.

So, Saturday morning, when we thought we might just explode from stress, we threw the kids in the car with nothing but our swimming bag with suits and pool/beach gear, basic toiletries, and a change of clothes, and decided to head to the beach. It's a 5 hour drive, but when you step on the sugary sand of the Florida Gulf Coast, 5 hours is a small price to pay for Heaven on Earth.

On the way, I checked out hotels on my Blackberry and hoped something would be available. Luckily, tons of locals headed to Talladega (where you couldn't catch me for a million dollars and my own talk show!).

The waves were rough, so we did most of the swimming in the pool, and I didn't even take my camera since it was so last minute. The pics are from my phone. But, we escaped and now, I think we can make it through the next month :-).

Anybody have a few hundred million dollars to give me? If you do, I'll start a new University in Destin -- I'll even name it after you :-).

(The girls at the Hannah Montana Movie last weekend).


Sonia 8:57 AM  

How cool! But Destin...I love Destin so much! My mom lives in Crestview and I can't wait to visit her to I can go back to Destin. However, Talladega, my husband would make a pit stop there first!

The pics are great! The kids look like they had such a good time! I love being near the beach!!!

Tara Marie 2:32 PM  

Happy Mother's Day to a phenomenal Momma!!!!

Tara Marie 8:13 AM  

Happy, Happy 8th Birtday to our Little Miss Magic.

A beach get-away.....sounds like the perfect stress buster.

We can get to the shore in under an hour, but the beaches along the northern atlantic are nothing like the beauty of the gulf coast.

When you start that college, hire me......I'm multifaceted, I know there is something I can do at your new institution of higher learning.

Tell Maren we love her and hope today is as Magical as she is!!!!!

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