A Graduation to Celebrate!

>> Monday, June 01, 2009

This weekend, my kids and I took a two-hour drive to see dear friends, friends of 8 years now, friends we've only seen IRL once, but friends who mean as much to us as people we "see" everyday. We are friends connected by an extra chromosome and somehow, that connection is so deep that words simply cannot convey my feelings adequately, other than to say I truly love them.

So, when we received an invite to Brig's HS graduation party, we were going! And, we did. And, here are some pics that just capture the essence of the connection... Brig and my boys, Brig and Maren, Brig's sister and cousin with Maren, and Brig's brothers and cousins with my sons.

There was no awkwardness. No wondering if anyone would be "looked at." No nervousness at all. Just the kind of ease that comes with knowing that we are connected, and nothing matters except BRIG's HUGE celebration! And, what a peek into the future it was for me :-).


luvmypeanut 8:31 AM  

Love the coke bottles! I'm so glad you got to go! Brig is wonderful young man and his mom rocks!

Monica @ Monkey Musings 9:58 AM  

That's awesome! What a nice friend to have.

Monica 6:46 PM  

Oh how wonderful that you all got to get together :). Great pictures.

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