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>> Friday, May 16, 2008

On May 16, 2001, the doctors tentatively put Maren in my arms. They weren't sure how we would react to their news, that Maren appeared to have indications of Trisomy 21. For those of you who know our story, it wasn't a big deal. And, today, seven years later, we realize how "not a big deal" it really is for our family and in Maren's life.

Maren is finishing up Kindy as decidedly one of the most popular girls in her class. She isn't loved because of her extra chromosome. She isn't blessed with wonderful friends in spite of her extra chromosome. Brady doesn't want to hang out with Maren to make himself feel better about doing charity work. And, Drew certainly doesn't think about Maren's extra genetic material when they sit next to each other at lunch and giggle. Layne wasn't concerned about Maren's cells as they laughed non-stop through Horton Hears a Who last weekend at the theater, and Gracie could care less about Down syndrome when she begs her mom to spend the night at our house. Tatum wasn't wondering about T21 as she whispered in a rather concerned voice that she hadn't picked out a great present for Maren yet.

As I walked Maren into school today, the kids started spontaneously RSVPing to Maren's birthday party next weekend, and they were so excited. You see, Maren just radiates Maren-ness. Extra chromosome or not, Maren just has that special something, the X-factor, charisma, whatever you want to call it. She didn't get it from Jon, and she certainly didn't get it from me! Maren just has this quality --- it is amazing.

And, rewind seven years, I wish I could have told those doctors this: " I am not fearful of Down syndrome. In 7 years, Maren will graduate from Kindergarten as a full-participant in her class. She will be having her 4th dance recital. She will have good friends who truly love her. And, most importantly, she will love herself and her life."

Maybe then, I could have made them feel better about what they were trying to "warn" me about.

Maren (not a great photo of her, LOL), with her friends Layne and Tatum


Tara Marie 7:52 PM  

Ah.....Little Miss Magic!!! You certainly shine, and we love you so.

Carol, I loved reading this and I can't wait till the day that our little girls can meet IRL and develop a friendship [blending their little spirits together] as Maren is doing with all her classmates.

Happy 7th Birthday sweet girl

Anonymous 1:04 PM  

HAPPY 7th Birthday sweet Miss Magic!!!!!!!! It made my day to come here to wish you a very special, magical day and read your brilliant, wise, passionate Mommies thoughts. I hope all new parents can read about the amazing and wonderful joy you radiate and how much you are simply enjoying your Kindergarten life. You and your Mommy have always been insprations to me and today I celebrate the blessing that is YOU, Miss Magic, a one of a kind, joyful soul that teaches us all what life is about. I hope you enjoy that birthday party surrounded by the love of your friends and family, and only wish that me and Abby could be there to celebrate it too! We love you and think of you & your precious family OFTEN even when we're not present online as much these days.
Chris and Abby (who says being 7 is pretty cool, ENJOY! :)

Pam W 2:02 AM  

Thank you for reminding me of my daughter's and son's kindergarten year - just when I think "Things don't get much better than this!" they do.

Happy Birthday Maren ~ have fun being seven all this wonderful year.

Life is good.

Pam W
SE of Seattle

Robin 5:10 AM  

It was such a lovely surprise to find your blog entry on my google alert this morning. I know that it will be seen by other Mommies this morning and hearts and lives will be touched by your Miss Magic.

Happy, Happy 7th Birthday Miss Maren. I hope your day was spectacular and I can't wait to hear all about your party.

Big Birthday hugs!

Robin, Mommy to Miss Chloe

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