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>> Saturday, May 24, 2008

So, after months of talking about her birthday, Maren's party finally arrived. We were so busy having fun, I forgot to take a lot of pictures. Oh well...the fun was more than worth it!

The highlight of the day was when the woman who runs the farm mispronounced Maren's name, and Layne immediate piped in it M-A-R-E-N, Maren! I cracked up! And, now, we have even more playdates dates for this summer. I'm going to have to make some of them here or I will never see my daughter!


Tara Marie 9:08 PM  

Oh my, oh my.....I love it all. I love the Madeline applique on her outfit....the cake and cookies [they are to die for] and all the smiling faces!!!!!

Little Miss Magic,,,,,you are truly a sparkly soul. We love you and someday hope to sing you Birthday Wishes in person.

Can you believe our little girls are SEVEN??????

Love you all....

mum2brady 12:55 PM  

Carol - that is the cutest party EVER!!! Love the cake and cookies and Maren is sooo darling in her Madeline duds! Looks like she had an amazing time - what a wonderful party!!!

Happy Birthday again Maren!!!

Lisa 9:49 AM  

I've spent hours reading your blog and love it! I am doing a photo display for a local (Columbus,OH) DS fundraiser and would love to have Maren in it! Email me if you are willing to share a picture and/or a few words about the divine Miss Maren.

Michelle 5:51 PM  

Hi Carol! I was so excited to see a comment from you on my blog - thanks for visiting! It's been too long since I've seen anything about Maren - happy belated birthday! She is as adorable and cute and spunky as ever! Looks like it was a fun birthday party!

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