Dance recital fun!~

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

And, the pic is of Maren and her friend Audrey.


Nicole 8:18 PM  

Great job Miss Magic! We're glad you had a good birthday too honey! Hope we get to play soon!

mum2brady 9:37 PM  

Maren you are darling and such an amazing little dancer! Loved the video and the picture - it just warms my heart to see your Miss Magic shine, Carol! WTG Maren!!!!

Tara Marie 6:07 AM  

Oh Miss are truly a beautiful dancer. May you always dance and may your heart always be filled with the love of music.

I just loved seeing this

Thora 7:14 PM  

Life is such fun .She is such a role model to live life to the full.

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